What to do, What to do

Saturday, 25 March is shaping up to be a day of dilemmas in Seattle. On this night in there are no fewer than 3 bands playing at three different venues that I’d like to see. Oh sure, you SXSW’ers and NYC’ers are probably confronted with this quite often. But up here in the remote PacNW we don’t usually have these kinds of problems. Here’s what’s going on that night.

Belle & Sebastian with the New Pornographers at the Paramount Theatre
Art Brut with Serena Maneesh at Neumo’s
Tapes n’ Tapes at the Sunset Tavern

I bought my tickets for the B&S show a while back before these other shows were announced, but now I’m have second thoughts about B&S and eying the Art Brut show. What would you do?

One comment

  1. scott shepherd · August 31, 2006

    I would definately drop the B&S tickets and go see Art Brut. I wonder if they played my favorite song, “Emily Kane”?

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