Arctic Elephants

arcticmonkeys.jpgWhen I told my son Ian that I was going to see the Arctic Monkeys, he immediately started calling them the Arctic Elephants. He’s four, only 16 years younger than the guys in the band. Elephants, monkeys, what’s the difference really. The show’s been sold out for about a month and it seemed like all the hipsters were present. My friend Rachel had a couple extra tickets that she easily got rid of for $80 without even trying. There were a bunch of people with signs indicating they would pay dearly for a ticket.

I guess I can see why people where paying extra to get in. The Crocodile Cafe is a small venue and they likely will not ever play anywhere this small for some time to come. The next time they come back will be at the Sasquatch Festival. The Crocodile reminds me of the old 9:30 club with it’s many poles to obstruct your view. The elephants, erm I mean monkeys did a good show. Pretty much sounded like their record. Nothing out of this world but solid.

Photo snagged from potatowned over at flikr.

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