Art Brut vs Belle and Sebastian


Maybe it was just a phase, or maybe they’ve just gotten a little too fey (if that’s possible), but Belle and Sebastian are just not my cup of tea anymore. They played the Paramount last Saturday and I made the mistake of attending. The band sounded good, but it was the delivery that made me cringe. Stuart Murdoch was prancing around in his pirate shirt and being a little too much of a showman. They used some of the same shticks as they did for their last tour, bringing a fan up on stage to sing a song. There were many songs in which no one was playing guitar, and using as many as 3 sets of keyboards instead. Not that I have anything against keyboards, but it just doesn’t make for an exciting show. Since it appeared I was in for a keyboard love fest, I left halfway through to head up the street to catch Art Brut at Neumos.

I needed some rock and roll to replace the bad taste in my mouth left by B&S.


Art Brut did not disappoint. I got their in the middle of Serena Maneesh’s opening set. They are really an interesting bunch of prog / shoegazer Norwegians. Good band to see as an opener, but not sure I would make the trip just to see them. Art Brut rocked the house. Neumos was pretty full considering they don’t even have a record out in the U.S. yet. Most songs started with Eddie saying ‘ready Art Brut’, and they launched into all the best songs from their record and threw in a couple b-sides which I understand will appear on the US version of the record.
This round definitely went to Art Brut.

B&S photo borrowed from Courtoly at Flickr and Art Brut borrowed from gregoryperez at Flickr.

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