The Swedes are Messing With Me

I used to be under the impression that Swedish bands could do no wrong. I thought that writing killer pop hooks was a requirement learned in some high school class like their mastery of the english language. Enter Le Sport.

Yes they have a silly name and the album title is crap. The cover art sucks too, but I heard their song It’s Not the End of the World and I thought that Le Sport reminded me of the Legends, and New Order so I bought it. I guess I should have looked a little closer at the song names. With songs like Show me Your Penis and If Neil Tennant Was My Lover, the flame is definitely on! Not that there is anything wrong with overtly gay music, it’s just not something I want to listen to, even on an iPod. I can’t believe they named a song Show me Your Penis. It’s as stupid and juvenile as if some band named a song Show me Your Vagina. I still really like It’s Not the End of the World, but the rest of cd makes you feel like you just stepped into a gay disco, you’re straight and you’re being groped…yuck.

My faith in Swedish pop was restored when I heard the new Radio Dept. album, Pet Grief. This is a solid follow-up to their debut, Lesser Matters. It’s a bit more atmospheric and slower in pace, but these Swedes do not dissapoint. They still have that sleepy, I just woke up vocal delivery done over some hushed feedback guitar and programmed percusion. I wondered why they chose The Worst Taste in Music as their first single, but it is the most immediate song of the bunch. The others just take a few listens to worm their way inside your head.

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