Editors @ Chop Suey: 27 April 2006

I bought Stellastar*s first record and promptly sold it after not being able to get past the singer’s voice. Thought I would give them another chance since they were opening up for the Editors. So I arrived in time to catch their opening set. It seems that Stellastar* are a band in search of an identity. They’re not bad, but they lack a distinguishing characteristic. Are these guys trying to be the Cure, OMD, the Bravery, the Go-Go’s, or what?

Chop Suey was sold out for this Thursday night show. Editors did not disappoint me. They are something of a one trick pony, but I like the trick so I don’t mind hearing it over and over. Derided as being an Interpol knock-offs doesn’t seem to deter them from going about their business. Editors have a lot more hyper-manic energy in their sound than Interpol’s plodding rhythms. Tom Smith acted as if he had taken a bunch of speed before stepping out onto stage. They started off with album opener Lights and then into Munich offering a quick one-two punch. Their set had a couple highlights, the fist being Camera. This is one of those songs that comes across so much better live than on the cd, allowing them to spread out and go into a Ride-esque jam near the end of the song. This high point was only slightly marred when Smith backed into an amp, shorting everything out and bringing the song to a brief halt. They promptly plugged back in finished it with out missing a erm…beat. They left me hanging till the very end for Fingers in the Factories. Saving their best for last, (why has this not been a single!?) the band left the stage having played their entire album and previewed two new songs that one of which I hope makes it to their next record.

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