Night School


Film School @ Crocodile Cafe 10 May 2006

Film School made a stop in Seattle with all of their new gear. All their stuff was swiped from them in Philadelphia while on tour earlier this year. I really like their selft titled record out on Beggars Banquet. It’s got a good Chameleons / Comsat Angels feel to it. I wasn’t sure what to expect from them in a live setting. To me, a American bands doing UK influenced post punk, shoegaze are always missing a certain something.
The band was good, and put together a great wall of sound, with waves of guitar and keyboard crashing over the other. They even had some Slowdive moments in their live set that I hadn’t noticed on the cd. Singer Krayg Burton was a little flat and the band lacked charisma made the set kinda boring, and made songs like 11:11 and Breet not sound nearly as good live as on record.
Maybe I caught them on an off night? I like the record enough that I’m willing to give ’em a second chance when they come back.

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