(Human) Television is Good


I don’t know what music blog I first heard Human Television from but they are now planted firmly in my musical conscious. Everything I’ve read about them drops cool band references like they’re going out of style. Guided by Voices, the Shins, the Clean, Wedding Present, Chills, REM, insert your reference here. Can they really sound like all of these bands? I guess it depends on your point of reference. I can hear the New Zealand influence, as well as the late 80’s college radio sound. I would also add that they have a similar sound to
Number One Cup, who were a criminally underappreciated band out of Chicago in the early mid 90’s.

Apparently Human Television are originally from somewhere in Florida, but now make their home in Philadelphia. They have a new record out called Look at Who Your Talking To which is sugar to the ears. I would also highly recommend their seven song ep All Songs Written by: Human Television.

The band is just about to start a tour and I for one am looking forward to the show hear in Seattle. They are playing with the Lily’s for all of the west coast dates. Here are the dates.

Jun 2 Mercury Lounge New York
Jun 3 The Khyber Philadelphia
Jun 22 Warehouse Nextdoor Washington DC
Jun 23 Local 506 Chapel Hill
Jun 24 The Earl Atlanta
Jun 26 Gypsy Tea Room Dallas
Jun 27 Stubbs BBQ Austin
Jun 30 Panic Scottsdale , AZ
Jul 1 Launchpad Albuquerque
Jul 2 Larimer Lounge Denver
Jul 3 Kayo Gallery Salt Lake City
Jul 5 Crocodile Cafe Seattle
Jul 6 Doug Fir Lounge Portland
Jul 7 Gallery Sacremento
Jul 8 Bottom of The Hill San Francisco
Jul 10 The Echo Los Angeles
Jul 11 The Casbah San Diego
Jul 12 Spaceland Los Angeles
Jul 13 The Prospector Long Beach, CA
Jul 15 The Glass House Pomona
Jul 18 O’Leavers Pub Omaha
Jul 21 Alchemize Cincinnati
Jul 22 Schubas Tavern Chicago

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