Opening: Silversun Pickups & Voxtrot

Neumo’s: 31 May 2006.
(photo swiped from Voxtrot’s website)


I went to a show on a school night, saw two bands and was home by 10:45! For old people, this is the way to go. Silversun Pickups and Voxtrot were opening for Elefant on their west coast swing. I could care less about Elefant so I scrammed after Voxtrot’s set.

I guess Silversun Pickups are getting good airplay over at KEXP, so there were a bunch of people their by 9pm to catch the Pickups. They’ve got elements of shoegaze, Nirvana and little bit of Grandaddy thrown in as well. One thing that I thought was hilarious was that the drummer had one of his symbols so high he had to stand up to hit it. Honest it was taller than the drummer. I like their Pikul ep and they’ve got a full length coming out this summer which I’ll be looking out for. Their live set could have had a bit better sound and more prominent vocals, maybe the sound will be better when they headline.

My first impression of Voxtrot last night was that if there would have been a live band in the movie Rushmore, these guys would have been it. Maybe it was the singer’s resemblance to Jason Schwartzman or the bass player’s goofy moves, I don’t know. Voxtrot seem to be riding a wave of hype only after two eps. Both eps have their moments and I’m excited to see what this band will do as they mature. They’ve got all the right influences (at least from an anglophile’s perspective), heavy on the Smiths, Cure, and Wedding Present. Hell they even look like little skinny English blokes. Must be something in the water down in Austin, see: Spoon and American Analog Set. Voxtrot sounded really good, actually better than their records. Better vocals and more guitar made the songs more distinct in the live setting and they started to shed some of their blatant influences.

A few others saw the show and lived to blog about it:

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