G’day you Hosers

The Pacific NW is known for its beer. There definitely are a lot of breweries up here, but quantity does not always mean quality. I’m not dissing NW beer, there is a lot of good stuff produced in the NW, but it’s harder finding the really good stuff because there is so much you have wade through to find it. Yeah, I know, there are a lot worse things you might have to do in your life. Being a beer snob though, there’s nothing worse than having to drink a sub-par IPA. So without any more verbiage, I’ll do the run down of what I’ve found up here that rates in my book.

Boundary Bay


Their IPA is excellent, and their Imperial IPA is even better. Lots of hops and a good amount of residual sugar on these. You can find the IPA in the 32oz bottles, but you either have to travel to the brewery or hope one of decent bars has the Imperial IPA on tap to taste it.

Snoqualmie Falls


Steam Train Porter is one of the few porters that I will drink on a regular basis. It’s not flat and dull like so many porters. It’s got a bit of a bite to it, strong undertones of chocolate and refreshing crisp aftertaste. The Wildcat IPA is well worth a drink too.

Elysian Brewing Co.


I love going to either the Capital Hill or Tangletown pubs to grab whatever they’re serving on Cask. Usually it’s an IPA! There is nothing better than an IPA served on cask. That’s one thing about Seattle pubs, the good ones always have one or two selections on cask.

Silver City


Only recently tried their stuff, which I found at Bottleworks. They have a couple of IPA’s, one being their Whoop Pass Double which is quite tasty and high in alcohol (9%).

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