Kid Rock and Dad Rock


Ian is now 4 years old, and he has his opinions about music. Often I will have something playing and he will either say I love that song, or he definitively says I don’t like this song. Being the music geek that I am, I try to make a mental note of what he likes.

I’ve often wondered why I became obsessed with music. Well I don’t think I have to look much further than my dad. He had a huge selection of vinyl in his day. I remember as a kid always looking through it and not being familiar with any of the records he had. He wasn’t into the Beatles, Stones or Beach Boys. He preferred instrumental music and could always do without the singing. For instance, I could have played him the new Hot Chip record and he would have been into the music, but I know he would said something like, does the guy have to sing and ruin every song? He was into sound effects records, Herb Alpert, Wes Montgomery, Neal Hefti, James Bond soundtracks and a bunch of other stuff that may have been popular back in the day, but is certainly considered obscure today. I remember when he really liked a song he would say, that sounds tough!

My dad could have been considered a music geek (a compliment in my book). I remember instead of alphabetizing his records he ordered them by the catalog number on their spine. So in order to find a record you first had to go to a typed document that listed the records in alphabetical order to find out the catalog number so you could then go and find the record. I suppose you could say that’s something of a precursor to Rob in High Fidelity reordering his record collection by some random category.

Anyway, here’s a mix I made for Ian to listen to while riding in the car with mom or dad. I wonder what kind of mix my dad would have made me?

Buddy Holly – Everyday
Jah Wobble’s Invaders Of The Heart – The Sun Does Rise
Perry Como – Catch A Falling Star
Of Montreal – Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games
The Beatles – Yellow Submarine
The Starlight Mints – Rhino Stomp
Frank Sinatra – High Hopes
The Zombies – Care Of Cell 44
The Shout Out Louds – Oh, Sweetheart
Dizzy Gillespie – Don’t Try To Keep Up With The Joneses
The Proclaimers – King Of The Road
Belle & Sebastian – Step Into My Office, Baby
Paul Kelly & The Messengers – Careless
The Waterboys – Upon the Wind and the Waves
The Futureheads – Hounds Of Love
Hector Zazou Featuring Suzanne Vega & John Cale – The Long Voyage
The Beatles – Drive My Car
The Lucksmiths – T-Shirt Weather
The Beat Farmers – Happy Boy
The Bees – A Minha Menina
M. Ward – Carolina
Super Furry Animals – Golden Retriever
The Specials – Monkey Man
They Might Be Giants – Birds Fly
The Beach Boys – Sloop John B
The Kinks – The Village Green Preservation Society
Johnny Cash – I’ve Been Working on the Railroad


  1. G · July 19, 2006

    Your dad would have added “grumpy” rock stuff – remember? I think he meant Grunge.

  2. rachael · January 11, 2007

    guys in pickups are hot!

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