Human Television + Lilys @ Crocodile Cafe

5 July 2005

Human Television brought their 80’s college retro sound to Seattle last night. They’re opening for the Lilys and I found out that half of Human TV is the Lilys at least on this west coast tour. Dealing in that mid-80’s college rock sound, they could be the offspring of the Feelies mating with Dumptruck. I hadn’t heard either of those influences until seeing them live last night. Two guitarists, one sitting and one standing played well off of one another with Billy Downing choosing to sit down while playing his shiny red Rickenbacker guitar. Actually three fifths of the band sat through their show. Kinda weird I thought, but it kinda goes along with their laid back jangly persona. This was the most sparsely attended show I’ve been to at the Croc, must be that everyone is on summer vacation. Although there weren’t a ton of people to see them, those that were there were very enthusiastic, myself included. They played pretty much everything from Look at Who You’re Talking To and a couple from their All Songs By… ep.

The Lilys have changed their sound so many times in their career that you can pretty much bank on not hearing anything from their old albums when you see them live. You get only the Kurt Heasley sound du jour. So we didn’t hear anything from their My Bloody Valentine days, or their Kinks days. What we did get was the Spacemen 3 influenced rock the he started with Eccsame the Photon Band and has kind of continued with Precollection and the latest Everything Wrong is Imaginary. A few of the new songs had a bit of a Prince feel to them, kind of funky, but no Prince-like dancing, only a similar haircut.

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