The Rakes @ El Corazon on Bastille Day

photo from Pochang Wu at Flickr
The Rakes brought their tales of bleak urban existence, angular guitar riffs and really really tight sound to Seattle last night. The Rakes have a debut full length Capture/Release out right now. With only one record and a few singles out, you could pretty much guarantee hearing all your favorite songs. Hell they even threw in one of their best b-sides Auslandmission.

I had heard about Alan Donohoe’s crazy dance moves, but I wasn’t quite prepared for his mime/breakdance moves he did mostly with his arms. He was a ball of energy throughout the show, cheering back at the crowd after every song and then talking  so lightening fast you couldn’t understand a word he was saying.
photo from Pochang Wu at Flickr
The Rakes, if you haven’t heard, are another one of those post-punk influenced bands that employ a healthy dose of Wire, and bits from Gang of Four, and Magazine. Listening closely to Donohoe’s lyrics, you get the impression that the band is a bunch of slackers in dead-end corporate jobs, going out every night, hooking up with ugly girls, and day-dreaming of being glamorous spies. After seeing them live, you realize these guys are a well oiled machine. The show peaked a couple times with the sound and energy that I rarely experience seeing a show. Apparently these guys don’t take a day off.

I caught their KEXP in studio earlier in the day, and they mentioned how when they were driving from Minneapolis to Seattle, they stopped off in Wallace, ID. They were hanging out at a bar in Wallace and the owner convinced them to play an impromptu set. They obliged, and rocked the house to a bunch of guys in cowboy hats. That would have been cool to see!

Somebody else who saw them here.


  1. G · July 19, 2006

    Please don’t use his dance moves as an excuse to do your Louisiana Swamp Dance.

  2. garyM · January 24, 2007

    on the money again bruv

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