If you are waiting for Neil Halstead to take off his cowboy hat and put his acoustic guitar down and plugging back in to write some giant, wave crashing music, or if you’re waiting for Paul Buchanan to make the next Blue Nile record, you could be waiting a awful long time. In the meantime iLiKETRAiNS just released their first cd. It’s an ep that collects some of the songs that have appeared on a slew of 7″ singles. They have a dark sound reminiscent of the above mentioned bands as well as a bit of Chameleons and Comsat Angels thrown in. Also like those bands, their darkness also has flashes of light with parts of the music being somewhat anthemic. Honestly this has been in my headphones for the past 2 weeks. Thanks to Drowned In Sound for turning me on to them with their glowing review.

Also you can listen to iLiKETRAiNS at their myspace page…time well spent.

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