Kelley Stoltz at the Sunset Tavern


Seattle: 31 July 2006

I guess he had some extra time between Raconteurs dates to headline a show of his own here in Seattle. I was excited to find out that he would be playing the tiny Sunset Tavern. The last time I walked into the Sunset, the Lucksmiths had totally packed the place. Last night there were 62, no 58 people in attendance by Kelley’s estimate. So it was a little less crowded, but respectable for a Monday night.

His latest album, Below the Branches has been in my cd player and ipod quite a bit since February (thanks Bill). Even though that record was recorded as a band it still has that bedroom production kind of feel to it. His live show has really fleshed out the songs, making the album almost sound like demos. Stoltz seems to have a lot of showman like qualities besides being an excellent musician. He totally improvised a song for Lisa (it was her birthday), that went on longer than most of songs he did from the record. Of course after it was over he non-chalantly says that they do that nightly, because it’s always someone’s birthday.

I was hoping that he would do at least one Echo & the Bunnymen cover, but we only got a “groovy, groovy people” line improvised during their last song-extended-freakout-jam. They played most of Below the Branches with Memory Collector really standing out.

And it was over before I knew it. With three full length records plus the Crocodials record I was hoping for more than just 5o minute set. Hopefully he’ll be back soon.


  1. Nilina · August 6, 2006

    I would’ve so loved to have gone to that and I wasn’t doing anything that night either!

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