Don’t miss the Boat


Okay, I will be out of town next weekend so I will be missing the excellent double bill of Seattle bands the Turn-Ons and Boat at the High Dive in Fremont. I guess for that matter I will also be missing Bumbershoot….maybe I shouldn’t leave town….no, I must resist!

Anyway Boat will be returning to play the Paradox on 19 September, so all is not lost. Boat’s new record that is out on Magic Marker Records and is very hard to resist, at least for a pop geek like myself. My first impression of the band was that they were a bit goofy, in They Might be Giants sort of way. But after spending some time with their second record (their first was apparently self released and hand made) Songs that You Might Not Like, it seemed like they had a lot in common with the old Elephant 6 collective as well. Their songs are short, sweet (candy coated even) with a nice diverse set of instruements (lapsteel and cowbells and maybe even a glockenspiel). They’ve got a Myspace page (who doesn’t) here where you can listen to some of their stuff.

I’ll be on a different boat this weekend, one to Victoria .

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