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September 15, 2006 at 6:59 am | Posted in indie 7" | 10 Comments

Neil Armstrong circa 1998.band.jpg

I have recently busted out all of my 7″ singles and have been converting them to digital files. While I was doing this I realized that most of the stuff I have on vinyl is out of print, so I figured why not share some of it. Most of it is pretty obscure and comes from my days as music director at WCDB and obsessive vinyl hound. The first installation of this kinda weekly series will be for the band you see in the picture above. I think I got both of the singles from which these songs are swiped, from Jimmy Tassos Mail order before he started up matinee records. Those were the days, I would get this little catlog in the mail every 6 months or so that would be packed with indie pop from all over the place, 75% of the stuff I’d never heard. I’d read his little descriptions and order a bunch of stuff. Neil Armstrong was one of my purchases, I know next to nothing about the band exept for what was printed on this insert found in the Benno single…

I have two songs from them, and don’t think that they released anything else (if they did please let me know, I’d love to hear it). One appeared on Labrador Records second release, a 7″ called a Single Bite, and the other from a Benno 7″ called Benno Present’s volume 1. Both songs are catchy in that sugary swedish way.

This one’s from the Benno 7″

I’m so happy mp3

And this one is from the Labrador 7″

Fastest Girl mp3


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  1. Wow… I totally remember “Fastest Girl” from one of your mixes you made me. I love this song.

    Toby, I hope you keep these posts coming at a regular pace.

  2. This blog is fantastic. Oh, Benno…I miss the Benno radio.

  3. I’ve got a whole bunch lined up to post, so that’s the plan. I remember Benno Radio too. They used to have a bunch of live shows posted for download, I specifically remember a Lucksmiths show that was at benno.com. Wasn’t Benno funded by the Swedish government? I can’t remember.

  4. When I originally planned to post a comment on this entry regarding Benno, I was going to mention the Lucksmiths concert. That recording was great. I can’t remember what the deal with Benno was. I just remember the music was excellent.

  5. I have two other songs from Neil Armstrong. They were featured on one of those Apricot Records comps in the late 90s… I think it was Airpop or Airpop2. I’ll have to dig through my discs to find the originals. I’ve never heard these songs so thank you!

  6. I dunno… is this possibly a different “Neil Armstrong” that appeared in the indiepop scene? These are the songs from that Apricot Records comp… (Airpop2)

    Neil Armstrong – We All Knew
    Neil Armstrong – Going For Gold

  7. It’s the same Neil Armstrong! I remember emailing the band at one point, asking them when they would be releasing more stuff. They emailed back saying that their newer songs were a lot more mellow and a bit slower. Thanks for the songs!

  8. He he, it was a nice and somewhat peculiar surprise to find these old songs on this site. My name is Stefan. I used to play guitar in neil armstrong. If you want to know how it sounds nowadays, enter our myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/braxenmusic . The name of the band is Braxen, and it sounds pretty different from neil armstrong, but it is pretty much the same guys. He he, I think I even remember toby´s email.

  9. About a year ago I first heard of Neil Armstrong and I like the two songs of Airpop 2 a lot and wanted to find out more about this band, but with regard to the name…impossible except from this page and and some swedish. I used all the search engines in this world and finally really found out about Braxen! And somewhere there was some information about football with the names of the band’s members in it -but all in swedish, unfortunately. What is that? Does it have anything to do with the band? And what will be the future plans of Braxen?

  10. Nice! For some reason I sold my copies of the early Benno singles and I’ve been looking for that Neil Armstrong song ever since. Thanks!

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