Supergroup…of sorts


Well it was a supergroup in my mind at least, Andrew Webster of Tsunami, John Dugan of Chisel, Jim Spellman of Velocity Girl and Steve Raskin of Edsel. This little gem came out on Sub Pop in 1995. Sub Pop must not be too proud of it, because I can find no mention of it anywhere on their site. I guess it was just a one-off single, because nothing further ever materialized. These two songs make me wish they would have found it in them to do at least another single or an album even! I was always partial to the A-side Chance, where the chorus of ooh-oohs made me think of World Party or the Rolling Stones.


Piper Cub, looking for their next single.

Chance mp3
Number One Sound mp3

The 7″ came with a paper piper cub flyer that you could cut out and construct, and then fly around the room while listening to the record…cool.


  1. Glenda · September 20, 2006

    Dear God, Toby!!!


    *so happy*

  2. john · April 2, 2007

    hey, can you repost?

  3. Richard Schmidt · April 3, 2007

    ditto w/ John on this one. can you possibly repost these tracks. i’m pretty dang desperate. thanks, duder.


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