Ode to Summer

My 7″ Single Collection: Vol. 3

With summer quickly fading, here’s a bit of sunny pop from down under.

The Bus Stop Label has been around since ’87. The label started out in Iowa, crazy place to find America’s answer to Creation or Sarah. They released some amazing 7″ singles back in the day and I for one am really looking forward to the upcoming 2 cd compilation, Safe as Houses. It looks like it will collect a lot of the 7″ singles that have been released on the label, hopefully not overlapping too much with their excellent Peppermint Stick Parade collection.

The Summer Suns were an Australian Band with a love of jangly guitars, the Byrds, REM and all of that. They put out a bunch of singles and appeared on numerous compilations, and even managed to put out a short self titled cd. Man, if someone or some label would compile all of their stuff onto one cd, they would be doing “gods work” in my eyes. As it is, I’m putting up these two mp3’s from the She Understands 7″ on Bus Stop (1994).

She Understands mp3

Everyday Girl mp3

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