What Happened to DC?

My 7″ Single Collection: Vol. 4

Ropers / Tribbles split 7″ sleeve
Back in the mid 90’s Washington, DC had a pretty vibrant indie scene. I use to live in Washington back in the heyday of of Go! Records, Simple Machines and TeenBeat records. During a recent visit there, I noticed how much things have changed here. Arlington has been white-washed into corporateland. Where there use to be Go!, the Sugar Shack, Bardo, Amdo-Rodeo and Galaxy Hut, and many excellent Vietnamese restaurants, only Galaxy Hut still stands. Now you will find Whole Foods, Crate & Barrel and a bunch of the same generic stuff you can find in any city. The changes also got me reminiscing about the Indie Rock Flea markets that Go! would put together in the parking lot of some old car dealership. All the indie labels would come and sell their stuff while bands like Edsel, Lorelei, Racecar, and Eggs would play in the swealtering summer DC heat.

Since I was visiting Washington, DC, I thought I would tie in my recent visit to the excellent DC band the Ropers. This split 7″ everyone has a secret daydream… was put out by Brilliant Records out of Richmond, VA and Giant Pool Ball out of Germany. The Ropers had one song and the Tribbles had two on the flip side. The Ropers broke up after releasing a few eps and on one full length. Sweet Lord I Know has not appeared anywhere else except for this single. After the Ropers broke up, part of the band went on to form the excellent Still (not to be confused with the Stills) and put out a full length on pulcec.

Ropers – Sweet Lord I Know mp3

Tribbles – Mercury mp3

Tribbles – Liberty 5-3000 mp3


  1. Rob M. · October 23, 2006

    Great stuff on the changed Arlington scene–I think about how it’s changed every time I’m in that area. Bill P. introduced me to GO! Records when we were in DC to see Oasis on their 1st ever US tour and I even still have some used CDs I bought with the GO! price tags on them. Thanks for the samples.

  2. sebadoh boy · January 30, 2007

    …nice to see someone remembers that time. I grew up on Wilson Blvd, and worked at the Sugar Shack straight out o’ high school. Arlington in th 90’s was an amazing and heady time, I was lucky to grow up in the middle of it.

    thanks for the memories

  3. Michael · November 21, 2008

    Hello– I am trying to find a list of the line-up for the first Indie Rock Flea Market. Anyone have any idea on this? Thanks in advance for any help!

  4. sebadoh boy · December 10, 2008

    The firt indie rock flea market?

    Ditch Croaker and Frodus I definitely remember playing. I’m sure someone from Teenbeat was on the bill, Eggs maybe? It’s been a while, and the second and third one are so much clearer in my mind.

    I’ll ask around.

  5. Tinsel heart · January 28, 2015

    Anyone can share any info on the Tribbles here? Who comprised the band exactly? Were there any more recordings by them other than their contribution to the Something Pretty Beautiful comp in 1993 (track “In The Sun”)? The band sounds rather interesting. Please help…

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