Those Heady Indie Pop Days

My 7″ Single Collection: Vol. 5

postal / #poundsign# record sleeve

Back in the mid 90’s 7″ vinyl ruled. We played a ton of 7″ singles at my college radio station . A lot of the stuff I was into back then was usually influenced by My Bloody Valentine or some derivative of them. This split 7″ is no exception. Postal could have been Velocity Girl if you didn’t know any better. They recorded at least one other single, which I’ll get around to posting eventually. #Poundsign# were a bit more prolific, putting out a couple full length cd’s. This record was put out by the short lived No-Life label. No-Life was not only a label but a record store in LA.
I remember visiting the store on a trip out to LA in ’96 or ’97. I knew the owners, because they also did radio promotion not only for their stuff, but also for other indie and major labels. The store was right across the street from the very cool Fromosa. So on my visit, after I dropped a bunch of $$ on records and cd’s we went over to the Fromosa for some drinks.

Anyway this is one of the records that we played at WCDB and then I later bought from No-Life. Here are both songs in all of their snap, crackle and pop! excellence.

Postal – Dizzy mp3

#Poundsign# – Disaster mp3


  1. Jon · March 4, 2007

    Is there anywhere you know of that I could buy a poundsign cd/record??

  2. Toby · March 6, 2007

    Good question, since they all seem to be out of print. I only have one other 7″ by them. You could try GEMM or Musicstack.

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