Skeletons on All Hallows Eve

Figurines at Crocodile Cafe, Seattle
Figurines Danish Band
It’s the figurines dressed as the Residents for Halloween

Tuesday, 31 October

I have just recently introduced myself to Danish band Figurines. I’d been reading about them on and off since they released Skeleton earlier this year, but I had not gotten around to actually listening to the record until late last week. Just in time to find out that I really like this band…a lot.

Talk about serendipity, I find a new band I really like and they’re in town a week later. I showed up at the door of the Crocodile with money in hand to buy a ticket, and the guy says it’s my lucky day because someone had an extra ticket. They left it for the next person, which as luck would have it, was me. So I got in for free. Thanks to whoever left the ticket. I bought a band shirt with my windfall, so the band did get some of my money!

I got there in time to catch the last few songs of Speaker Speaker’s set. Previously scheduled openers the Ark cancelled at the last minute. Speaker Speaker are a newish Seattle band that mine the 3 piece power-pop side of things. They sounded really tight and reminded me a bit of Chisel, or early Jam, with a bit of Hüsker Dü thrown in.

Figurines at the CrocodileI missed Figurines the last time they played Seattle with Tapes n’ Tapes back in June, but I heard a lot of good things about their set. I was surprised at how sparsely attended the show was, but maybe everyone was getting scared over at the KMFDM show. Singer Christian Hjelm came out with acoustic guitar in hand to start the show with a few of the slower songs from Skeleton. The rest of the band joined him and brought the goods. Live, the guitars crunch with a bit more, umm, crunch, and the songs pack a lot more punch. These guys are definitely ones to catch live. The highlight of the show for me was hearing Rivalry and Wrong Way all the Wayback to back. Rivalry, with its combination of Elbowesque vocals and Dire Straits guitar juxtaposed with Wrong Ways manic post punk energy was a total rush.

Apparently the band will be going into the studio soon after they return home to record their next (third) record. I’ll be eagerly anticipating that release as well as their return to Seattle. In the meantime I’ve got to go back and check out their first record Shake a Mountain of which they played a few songs last night.

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