De-educate the youngsters

My 7″ collection, vol. 6
Yummy Fur Policeman

Glaswegian jokesters, The Yummy Fur, could have been considered an art school band, but then they could have been called a garage band. It’s a fine line between the two, and the Yummy Fur walked it quite well. The Policeman single came out shortly after their first full length, Nightclub. It was basically the same formula they used on Nightclub but the song was both funnier and catchier than anything on the full length. To this day, every time I hear the line about spending the weekend sniffing cocain off the stomach of the policman’s girlfriend, I laugh. Yeah I’ve got a weird sense of humor, but the vocal by John McKeown is so off the cuff that it doesn’t sound scary only a bit absurd. Neither Policeman nor the b-side, 70′ Car Crash appeared on any album. Someone should collect all the those non-album singles onto a cd, Guided Missle, Cherry Red?

It seems to have been a big deal that both Alex Kapranos and Paul Thompson were both members of Yummy Fur back when Fanz Ferdinand was still only some guy that got assasinated and started WWI. Kapranos could barely be called a member, since he only ever played live with them. The real creative force and only constant member was McKeown who went on to form the 1990’s.

Policeman mp3

70’s Car Crash mp3

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