TacticiansOk, I finally did and they made me do it. I needed that 3 minute high that only it could provide.

I was perusing the music blogs that I sometimes go to and happened upon the Tacticians over at Indie mp3. They just put out their second single, so I jump over to the bands’s web page and download their first single which they’ve kindly posted for free. The A-side instantly sucks me in. London’s Alright is a song that will make you bounce around the room with a super huge smile on your face. It’s got a low-fi, indie thing going on that makes you just want to move. The b-side is a bit slower but no less catchy.

So I’ve been listening to this non-stop for the last couple of days, and am dying to hear their new single Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys. I could order the 7″ from some shop online or I could download it from iTunes. So my impatience got the best of me and I did it. I paid 99 cents each for 3 tracks of less than cd quality sound(honestly, 128kbps, couldn’t they up it to at least 192). Anyway my fix has been satisfied with the new Tacticians songs. Man, what am I gonna do when my next craving hits?

You can check out their first single here:

London’s Alright mp3

Hardcore Porn mp3


  1. Desiree · November 14, 2006

    “Chair dance” just sounds so dirty, but it’s what I’m reduced to sitting here at my desk. My co-workers think I’m deranged…

    London’s alright, indeed!

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