Rust Belt

My 7″ collection, vol. 7
Witch Hazel 7″ Just Don’t Try
When you think of Kent, OH, you may think of Kent State and the National Guard shooting into a crowd of Vietnam War protesters in 1970, or you may draw a complete blank. I bet you don’t think of a band that brings to mind the Beach Boys, My Bloody Valentine or the High Llamas. Well that’s exactly what Kevin Coral’s Witch Hazel (now known as Witch Hazel Sound) do. Their first single was put out on Bubblegum Smile. The A-side was played to death by me, both in my bedroom and on the radio. It had a bit of the MBV thing going on mostly in the vocals and the drums (think Soon) as well as some heavey Swirlies influence. The B-side was a bit more sedate and reminds me a little of the Boo Radleys.

Here’s hoping that someone will collect this 7″ as well as their split with the Mommyheads and the Beeswax ep onto a handy-dandy cd.

Just Don’t Try mp3

Plain mp3

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