Going, Going…..gone

TowerWhen Tower Records declared bankrupcy and was bought by a liquidator, everyone was just waiting for the big mark downs. It took them long enough. Even at 40% off most of their stuff was still more expensive than the local indies, Easy Street and Sonic Boom. The real discounts finally arrived this past weekend with all of their cd’s marked down 60%.

The one thing I will miss Tower for is their selection of imports. They were, hands down, the best place to find UK stuff that didn’t get released in the US. At least in all of the cities I’ve lived in. Granted if you live in NYC, SF or Boston, there are local shops that specialize in that sort of thing. But everywhere else, finding the new Shortwave Set cd, Comsat Angels Reissues or the latest single from the Rakes is nearly impossible. And now with the demise of Tower, we anglophiles will be relegated to ordering that kind of stuff online.

This weekend, walking into the Tower records in Queen Anne was like Christmas in, erm…December. I found a armfull of , mostly UK stuff. So much, that I had to put a couple things back so I would have money to feed the family this week. Here’s some of the stuff I found:

Luke Haines is Dead
Rifles – No Love Lost
Mystery Jets – Making Dens
Brave Captain – All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace
King Bscuit Time – Black Gold
Shack – The Corner of Miles and Gil
Shortwave Set – The Dept Collection


  1. bill p · December 11, 2006

    I’ve really got to get down to the Tower on Broadway here in NYC. It’s really sad, that was a landmark that I thought would always be there.

  2. Mike J · December 13, 2006

    I have fond memories of early mornings waiting in line for ticketmaster. As a kid this was the biggest records store I remember and they had everything, certainly everything I wanted at 13 (my location Mt. View, CA).

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