You Could Have Both

Long BlondesKate Jackson of the Long Blondes knows how to catch my attention. Give me a lyric like “give me a good film noir and a bottle of gin, and i’d be happy just to stay inside”, do it over some chainsaw, post-punk guitars, and do it with style and you’ve got me. Actually it took a while to win me over. At first the whole thing didn’t catch my fancy, but like any good infatuation, repetition breads lust…and now I can’t stop listening.

The band is fronted by Kate, but it seems that Dorian Cox writes a lot of the material, with 10 of the 12 songs being written by him. Though, all of the attention seems to be on Kate, with here black and white film star get-up and sexy voice it’s hard not to be smitten. The record has been out in the UK since November, it’s made a number of American best of lists for ’06 and the new Big Takeover has a nice interview with the band in the new issue . Hopefully their debut record, Someone to Drive You Home will get a release over here in the new year. I hear their live show is not to be missed, so here’s looking forward to seeing them making the jump across the pond.

In the meantime check out these songs (got ’em from the hype machine, so they could be gone real soon).

Long Blondes – Separated by Motorways

Long Blondes – You Could have Both

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