Air Miami Go

My 7″ collection, vol.8

Air Miami Airplane Rider Sleeve

Air Miami – Airplane Rider b/w Stop Sign (Teenbeat 147)

From the ashes of Unrest came Mark Robinson and Bridget Cross sans Phil Krauth with a sound similar to their former band, maybe a bit more quirky and a bit more new wave. Mark and BridgetAirplane Rider was an excellent first single for the band, two minutes of catchy as hell pop, that could have been on the last Unrest album if it weren’t for the nonsensical lyrics. The b-side, Stop Sign is all Bridget, though not as immediate as the a-side, Bridget’s voice makes this song worth hearing.

This gold slab of vinyl came out on Teenbeat back in 1994 (my copy still has the Go! records price tag of $2.99 on it) after a couple songs on compilations. Neither of the the songs on the Airplane Rider 7″ appeared on the band’s only album Me, Me, Me. After Me, Me, Me the band put out a couple singles from the record with remixes and some b-sides. Air Miami seemed to kind of dissolve into thin air. Mark went off and formed Flin Flon and continues with his Teenbeat label. As for Bridget Cross, she put out a single with Kathi Wilcox on Teenbeat back in 1999, but has not released anything that I know of since.

Airplane Rider mp3

Stop Sign mp3

One comment

  1. Mark Robinson · February 6, 2010

    Bridget Cross released an album under the name Maybe It’s Reno in 2008. Both Mark and Phil play on the album.

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