Cornelius Stole my Dad’s Records


It’s been five years since Cornelius put out Point on Matador. He put out an album remixing other people in 2003, but no new songs from the man himself since 2002. Late last year Australia and Japan saw the release of his new record Sensuous. According to Pitchfork he’s shopping the record around the the US for a label to release it here.

Point was one of my favoutite records of 2002. It had a good cross of bossa nova, kraut rock, and bits of techo that laid out groove oriented songs that would put me in a sort of hypnosis while driving home from work along the San Diego coast on the 5.

Sensous is a much more subdued affair with the tempos not getting to much above 80 bpm. He’s still using bossa nova, electronics, samples, but noticeably fewer guitars this time around. Buy this point you’re probably wondering about the title of this post (or not). The part about stealing my dad’s records is a bit of a missnomer. My dad did not listen to much kraut rock, although there are a bunch of bossa nova records in his collection. The records that I’m talking about are the “fun with stereo” ones. When stereo recordings were first introduced record companies put out tons of records where, you hear a guy whistling or a drum in the right channel and then it would move to the left channel, and back and forth. Albums like Stereo Action Unlimited and Ping Pong Percussion were all about putting on the headphones and tripping out to that crazy new stereo sound. Cornelius doesn’t use the over the top percussion or brass of these types of records but he certainly wants you to put on a pair of headphones and get lost in his new updated ping-pong stereo action! In place of the the hornes you get lots of samples, pinging back and forth in your noggin. And at times the craziness of the whole thing could make you a bit dizzy, like when he gets a bit over indulgent on Like a Rolling Stone, your head may hurt.

You can spend $20 and get this aural assalt now, or hope that Cornelius finds a US label that will put out Sensuous and bring him over to play live. His shows are nothing short of amazing with fancy costumes, short movies, choreography and lots of strobe lights. And live there is no stereo it’s all mono.

Here’s one from the new Sensuous record:
Cornelius – Like a Rolling Stone mp3

…And one from my dad’s Stereo Action Unilimited records:
Bennie Green – Kiss of Fire mp3

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