The Candle and the Flame

Candle Records LogoIt’s not every day a record label just up and calls it quits, but that’s what Australia’s Candle Records is doing. The Melbourne label was originally started back in 1994 as a way for the Simpletons to put out their records. Later the Lucksmiths, Cuddlefish and the Mabels joined the ranks. I first found out about Candle when I got the Lucksmiths, A Good Kind of Nervous. I still remember biking home from the record store with A Good Kind of Nervous tucked in my bag. It was a whole new world Australian indie. From there I went on to discover the punk/folk of the Simpletons and the mellow, warm pop of the Mabels.

Over the years the Candle newsletter in my inbox has been like a warm blanket, smothering me with the friendly pop sounds from down under. The label’s roster of exclusively Australian artists expanded over the years to include Darren Hanlon, the Guild League, and Mid-State Orange among others. I will miss the label’s friendly demeanor and quality releases. I’ve been wondering where the Lucksmiths in particular but also Darren Hanlon, Mid-State Orange and the others will go to put out their records now!?

On 31 March the Candle will close it’s doors for good, in the meantime they’re putting on some Farewell Concerts around Australia (of course). You can also order records up to then from them as well. They have cut some prices and are offering a few deals. So check it out. If you’ve been putting off ordering that old Simpletons records, now’s your chance.

Here are few mp3’s to make it hard to resist.

Simpletons – These Days

Lucksmiths – Detective Agency

Darren Hanlon – Happiness is a Chemical


  1. 2480 · February 5, 2007

    We agree with you wholeheartedly! The loss of Candle records will be like the loss of a friend.
    Good on ya for that post! A lot of people will miss Candle Records more than they realise.

    In honour of the brilliant band that was The Simpletons we have created a myspace fan page.
    Please add them as your friends and let the music of Shane Gelagin ( R.I.P. ) and co. live on in cyberspace.



  2. Toby · February 5, 2007

    Are there any other indie labels putting out the similar stuff in Australia right now?

  3. Andre Sammartino · January 15, 2009

    Many of the Candle folk went over to a label run by one of the Lucksmiths boys, called Lost and Lonesome Recordings:

    Cheers, Andre @

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