Happy 100th Labrador

January 21, 2007 at 9:41 pm | Posted in Labrador, Music, Sweden | 3 Comments

Labrador LogoLabrador records seems to be the label for Swedish music. Granted they only release records with a certain type of sound, the eighties, synth pop, twee, and shoegaze all come to mind. Those are, at least, the jumping off points for a lot of the bands on the label. Over the years Labrador has consistently found Swedish bands that fit that sound and style. I find it amazing that there are so many bands like this in such a small country. Writing catchy pop songs must be a required class to graduate high school there.

It turns out that Labrador has been putting out records for nearly 10 years now. In fact they’re at release number 100. For this special occasion they’ve put together a four CD box set called a complete history of popular music containing one song from each of the 100 releases. Not only do you get 100 songs, but you get a hefty booklet with interviews, a history of Labrador and track by track liner notes. Not bad for 22 Euros ($28) direct from the label, or you can head on over to Darla (Darla is the exclusive US distributor of stuff Labrador.) and pre-order it for 30 clams. The track list is heavy on Club 8, Acid House Kings, Radio Dept. and the Legends since these bands have been around the longest and have multiple releases on the label. You also get to hear a track from the first two records Labrador put out, Sleeping Single and a Single Bite. Both were 7″ singles containing 4 tracks from 4 bands. I kinda wish they would have put all eight of these songs on the box set, since they’re no longer available and were never available on CD. I’ve posted the Neil Armstrong song from a Single Bite here before. For this special occassion here are the three other tracks from that 7″.
A Single Bite
First Floor Power: Car Travel Far
Soul Ryders: U-turn
Neil Armstrong: Fastest Girl
Hell on Wheels: The Soda


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  1. Damn, you beat me to this one. Thanks for the mp3s, Toby.

  2. by the way, the new hell on wheels album is really good.

  3. So if you’re keeping score at home, it’s now Bill 20, Me 1!

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