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BuskerThe View, one of the handfull of overhyped and badly named bands from the UK at the moment will be playing the Crocodile on 9 March. On their way to SXSW they’re stopping off in Seattle, most likely to do an in studio at KEXP and then play the Croc. They’ve been called the Scottish Monkeys and have also been compared to the Libertines. While I hear these influences, it seems their Scottish roots give them a bit of a different sound, that reminds me of the first Del Amitri record. It’s not often that we get a UK band coming through Seattle that has no record out in the US. Usually only NYC and LA are the stops for unsigned UK bands. My friend Bill over at Sound Bites saw them earlier this month when they played NY and was not overly impressed, and they even rated big front page, Arts section review in the New York Times. Their debut record Hats off to the Buskers is out now in theUK, and I’m guessing it’ll get released here soon as well. I was going to ask what the hell a busker is, but thanks to this thing called the internet I don’t have to.

Update: Their record is out in the US 30 January on Sony Records, so the March date is not such a big deal after all. I should have known…

Update to the Update:  Show at the Crocodile is cancelled as well as their entire tour.  Something to do with visa problems.  Oh, and that American release of their debut is scheduled for 13 March.


  1. bill p · January 29, 2007

    I’m told it’s out 3.13… where’d you hear tomorrow?

  2. Toby · January 29, 2007

    Saw it on Larghearted Boy’s weekly release list, though Amazon says it’s out 1 Feb… Who knows?

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