The Mystery of Hopkirk & Lee

February 6, 2007 at 9:45 pm | Posted in Hopkirk & Lee, indie 7", Music, Vinyl | 6 Comments

My 7″ collection, vol.10

Beneath the Apple Tree
Really blurred photo of Hopkirk & Lee

Imagine that you have four perfect pop songs in your back pocket…no more, no less. What do you do with them? Well you put them on a slab of vinyl of course, but you don’t tell anyone where they came from, or anything about who made them. If you did something like this, then you might be Hopkirk & Lee. Honestly, I’ve yet to find anything substantial about these guys except that they are Alex Hopkirk and Ronnie Lee and they are a cross of Jesus & Mary Chain (post feedback) and Moose (God love ’em). Sure they’re more than just that, it’s the mystery to the record that makes it so much more than the sum of it’s four excellent songs. I like to think they had a whole album of songs, and the master tape got lost like that collaboration between Johnny Marr and Ian McColloch. You know it didn’t get lost, it’s in somebody’s closet just waiting to be discovered and released. Well I can dream, can’t I?

These four songs are taken from the American release of the ep that came out in 1998 on Yakamashi!. I believe that it was put out on CD in UK by For Us, though I’m not sure.

So what happened to these guys? Who knows…there’s a cryptic website with the sleeve and an email address here. For kicks I sent them an email begging the question. Of course I haven’t heard back…but you never know! In the meantime we have these pop gems.

!Free Arthur Lee!
A Love Like Ivy


My Line is Short


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  1. In the UK the CD was on Gallery Records, the 7″ by For Us Records

  2. Toby, if you email me at, I can answer some of your questions.

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  5. how can i get a password to download this?

  6. Hello? Is this thingy still alive? Greetings from Polandia. Just to let you know of my being a happy owner of a ‘Beneath the Apple Tree’ CD and a huge fan of Hopkirk & Lee. Plus, I think I was best man of one of them some fifteen years back or so? :o)

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