You do the Math

Math and Physics Club at Town Hall, Seattle | 17 February 2007
Math and Physics Club at Town Hall
Town Hall has an ongoing concert series for kids they call Saturday Family Concerts. This is the inaugural season for the series that has seen John Doe of X perform as well as the Talking Vegetables. The concerts are geared for youngsters between 5-10, grown-ups can only get in, if they have a kid with them. I saw a bunch of 20-something hipsters getting turned away because they didn’t have a 5 year old kid with them (Just kidding). It’s a pretty good deal, kids are free and old people tickets are only $5. Plus they had free juice boxes and fruit leathers!

Kids at Town HallHow did I get in you may be wondering? I dragged my 5 year old son Ian along with his buddy Simon and Simon’s dad Mike, ensuring my and Mike’s entry. Knowing and liking the Math and Physics Club music quite a bit, I was really curious how they would entertain the youngsters with their maudlin pop songs. It turns out this little show was the brain child of former elementary school teacher Kevin Emerson, who is also the drummer for M&PC as well as for his own band Central Services. The band consisted of members of the afore mentioned M&PC, Central Services and Tullycraft. They kicked things off with the Muppet Show theme, that had excellent violin from Sandra Humphrey. They conducted a science experiment, courtesy of James Werle, about sound. And they performed some original songs, all written by Emerson.

The band was great, and they totally held the attention of the kids. For the Lonely Tomato Song, Emerson plopped a stuffed tomato down at the front of the stage while they sang the song. A few seconds into the song a bunch of kids rushed the stage and grabbed the tomato and began passing it around. Pretty soon one of them takes off running with the tomato and gets chased by all the other kids. Then the tomato gets thrown around the room, but by the end of the song, one of the children brought the tomato back up to the stage and sets it down. That is the first time I’ve ever seen a tomato thrown, passed, and chased around at an indie show, what a blast!

If you have kids (or know some you can borrow) and live in Seattle, I totally recommend going to one of these concerts. You may have more fun than your kid.

You can check out the four original songs written by Kevin Emerson at his myspace page.

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