Cats, Wombats and Campesinos

Backfire @ the DiscoThe Wombats are set for their new single Backfire At The Disco.  Their debut full length, Girls, Boys & Marsupials got released in Japan of all places late last year on Vinyl Junkie.  Since they’re from Liverpool and put records out only in Japan, it flew under the radar of most people.  The record is a total rush, indie rock with lots of guitars, funny lyrics, shouted choruses and more woo-woo’s than you can shake a stick at.  They’ll be heading over to these shores for SXSW, so that some right minded record label can start putting out their records in America.

Video: Backfire @ the Disco

Los CampesinosIf you haven’t heard You!Me!Dancing! by Los Campesinos, then do yourself a favor and hear it.  They signed to the excellent Wichita label late last year and will be releasing their first proper single on 26 Feb, offering it for sale in the usual formats, but also as a free download from their site. If you can’t wait till then, you can head over to their myspace page to hear We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives. They’re not playing SXSW, but have a handfull of dates in early March over in the UK.

mp3: Los Campesinos – You!Me!Dancing!

Cats On Fire - The Province ComplainsCats on Fire are from Finland and will be releasing their debut album, The Province Complains on German label Marsh Marigold in the next few weeks.  Last year’s Draw in the Reins ep was a bit of indie-pop fun that caught my eye.  They’re not playing SXSW either, but they are doing a short tour of Europe with a hand full of dates in Finland, Germany, Italy and the UK.

mp3: Cats on Fire – Draw in the Reins 

So to recap, if you’re going to SXSW you may see Wombats, but no Cats or Campesinos.

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