Le Prog

Malajube avec Snowden à Neumo’s, 28 Février 2007

Malajube in my mindIt was kind of a strange night at Neumo’s hier soir.  There was snow in the mountains causing a huge crash on the freeway in the mountains.  Apparently Snowden were somewhere behind this crash on the 90 heading into Seattle.  The pass got closed, and Snowden were, erm, snowed in so to speak.  So I arrived at the show to see signs on the doors saying that Snowden weren’t playing because they were stuck on the freeway.

I walked in to the sounds of Seattle band Fleet Foxes, and what seemed to be all of their friends.  Everyone was totally into their set, and for a minute I thought I was at the wrong show.  People were cheering when the band would announce their next song, and were way more enthusiastic than normal, especially for an opening band that was merely un-offensive, in my book. After their set, Fleet Foxes seemed to take half the crowd with them.

Apparently one of the job requirements to be Maljube roady is you have to have a costume.  One had a lion hat, and the other was dressed a full on skeleton get up, and then the bassist comes out to set up with  furry sasquatch head gear, I kept my eye out for some sprites or dancing fairies, but none appeared.  Malajube are Québécois, and they play that up by singing in french.  This seems to put some people off, but if you only listen to music sung in English then your missing out on a bunch of good sh*t.  They started the show with a jam that reminded me of what could have been a cover of a Europe song.  By this point I’m thinking why am  I here, but things prog-gressed. The catchy Montréal -40°C was next and brought me  back from the brink.  They hit most of the highlights from Trompe L’Oeil and were totally energetic and engaging. Julien provided some goofy commentary between songs en anglais saying that they have always dreamed of playing in Seattle because of grunge and dedicating a song to truckers everywhere which made sense a the time, but I can’t for the life of me remember why they were talking about truckers. 

Because of the night’s circumstances, Malajube ended up being the opening band, The crash on the freeway got cleared up allowing Snowden to motor it down the mountain just in time to play as the headliner.  That’s kind of an overstatement, because by the time they came on, there were maybe 20 people left.  They weren’t bad, but it was a bit of let down after the animated, over the top performance by Malajube.

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