The Other Guy from Wales

Euros ChildsGruff Rhys second solo record Candylion hit the streets in the US (it’s been out for months in the UK) this week.  It’s an excellent record with songs worthy of being on a Super Furry Animals album, but this post isn’t to talk about Gruff. 

The lesser known Euros Childs from the lesser know Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci has also released his second solo record Bore Da.  It’s a UK only release for now on the excellent Witchita label.  Bore Da, Good Morning in welsh is somewhat similar affair to his first record Chops, but the songs on Bore Da are more immediate to me.  There are some straight ahead rockers like Henry A Matilda Supermarketsuper and Siwgr, Siwgr, Siwgr that really catch your ear, but what keeps me coming back to the record are the acoustic beauties like Twill Yn Yr Awyr and Sansalau that remind me of Gorky’s The Blue Trees ep.  It’s a truly sublime affair with Euros incorporating everything from bluegrass, Beach Boys to the Ramones.  For a translation of all the song titles and brief explanation of what each song is about, you can check out the Euros Childs website, the story about Henry and Matilda is especially interesting.

Henry A Matilda Supermarketsuper mp3

Sansalau mp3

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