I’m Ok You’re Ok

I’m Ok You’re OkSo I’m listening to the new Sondre Lerche record, Phantom Punch.  Which I was totally surprised at how good it is, since I was never a huge fan of his more folk and jazz influenced earlier stuff.  It immediately made me think of Jason Falkner, it’s got that kind of power pop sensibility.   Thinking of Jason Falkner, I wondered when the heck his new record is coming out, it’s been 8 years since he’s put out a proper album (Beatles lullabies, and demos don’t count). He did release the Bliss Descending ep back in 2004, and he has been a busy session guy, working with Beck, Air, Brendan Benson, and Paul McCartney to name a few.  All of that is still no replacement for full length cd ever couple years.  Well, to my surprise I found out his new record (a full length!) is imminent.  It will first be release in Japan on 18 April.  Apparently there’s a huge Falker fan club over there, as the excellent compilation Everyone Says it’s On was only put out in Japan as well.  According to his web site there will be an American release later this summer, but if you can’t wait and don’t mind dropping $40 on a cd you can get it through Amazon as a Japanese import.

Based on the track listing, it doesn’t look like any of the demos that have been floating around the internet made the cut for this record, unless song names have changed.  We’ll just have to wait and see.  For now, here’s one of those demo songs:

Jason Falkner – Start Over Again

And one from the new Sondre Lerche

Sondre Lerche – Phantom Punch

Here’s the track list for I’m Ok You’re Ok:
01. This Time
02. NYC
03. The Knew
04. Stephanie Tells Me
05. Hurricane
06. Anondah
07. Komplicated Man
08. Runaway
09. Say It’s True
10. Contact
11. This Life of Mine
12. I Don’t Mind


  1. Bob · March 15, 2007

    That is way exciting news. It has been an incredibly long time since his last release. Sadly, very few people even know who he is here in Canada.

  2. kevin · March 26, 2007

    you’ve probably heard ‘this life of mine.’ the demo was going around under the name ‘in your eyes’..its a great song.

  3. Toby · March 27, 2007

    You’re right, I have heard that one. Hopefully I haven’t heard the entire thing under different names.

  4. John · April 9, 2007

    Hey Toby, Love Your Blog.
    I have been trying to get ahold of all these Falkner Demos From 2003. Any Idea How? I’ve Got About 5 of ’em

  5. Phil · April 18, 2007

    Can you post more Falkner demos or tell me where to get them? I’m a Falkner addict.

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