My 7″ collection, vol.11

Drawing of the Rocketship done by my son Ian.  Used with kind permission.  Pretty Cool!Coming out of Sacramento by way of Iowa and the excellent Bus Stop label, Rocketship put out a string of singles and the excellent full length A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness.  The one constant throughout was Dustin Reske, who wrote and sang most of the songs.  The first Rocketship single came with the super catchy Hey Hey Girl as well as an ode to Galaxy 500.  It was a slice of pop in the vein of Stereolab, but also had a lot in common with the Apples in Stereo and the Lilys from around that time.   As good of debut single as any band could ask for. 

The next 7″ Honey I Need You,  came out on Bus Stop after A Certain Smile was released on Slumberland, it wasn’t as immediate, but was made from the same ingredients as their earlier stuff.  It was the next single that appeared on the Jigsaw label that was somewhat of a departure.  The a-side, Get on the Floor (and move it) was a bit more funky, a bit more nerdy, and then it all just dissolved into one big drone, which continued on to the b-side All the Pleasures

Dustin still records under the name Rocketship and has a proper web page as well as my space.

Hey Hey Girl
Hey Hey Girl + Naomi and Me mp3
People I Know mp3

Honey I Need You
Honey, I Need You mp3
She’s Gonna Make Me Cry mp3

Get On the Floor
Get on the Floor (and move it) mp3
All the Pleasures… mp3

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