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Caught the Feeling today at a free instore performance at Easy Street in Queen Anne.  The band’s first album just got released in the States a few weeks ago with the worst artwork the record label could concieve of.  Honestly, why did they not use the same cover as they did in the UK?  Record companies must try to doom their bands.  The band look like Spandau Ballet on the cover, not exactly a cover the makes you want to buy the record.  Live they came off sounding a bit like the Delays with harmonies.  I wasn’t  a huge fan before I saw them, and now, well, I’m still indifferent.  

Feeling UKFeeling US
What do you think? UK version on the left, US on the right.

The Tacticians who I got really excited about a while back have signed with UK label Setanta.  In its heyday Setanta put out many excellent records.  They rescued  A House after being dropped by a major label, gave us the Divine Comedy, The Frank and Walters, Edwyn Collins, and Richard Hawley.  Here is hoping that signing the Tacticians will be a rebirth of sorts for the label.  Their as yet untitled debut album is set for ‘late spring’ .

Monkey Swallows the Universe are finishing up their sophomore effort which is titled The Casket Letters.  Little Polveir is the first single from the record (well maybe the second if they decide to include Science on the new record) and will be releasing on 16 April.  Jimmy down the Well from their The Bright Carvings was one of my favorite songs of last year, so needless to say, I’m looking forward to the new record.

I see that Fujiya & Miyagi have been added to the Peter, Bjorn & John show at Neumo’s in May.  That makes the show a not to miss for me, since I failed to see them when they were here a few weeks ago because of the arduous task of attending the Washington Cask Beer Festival over at the Seattle Center.  Man, if you like IPA’s on cask this was the place to be. And if you want to know, I thought Herbert’s Legendary Cask Festival Ale from Water Street (not Elysian) was hands down, best beer of show!

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  1. bill p · March 26, 2007

    No shit, that’s the worst cover ever. It looks like one of those cheapie greatest hits packages you see at Best Buy.

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