Sondre Lerche | Crocodile Cafe | Seattle

Sondre Lerche @ the Crocodile Cafe, Seattle
Photo swiped from Snutur’s flickr page
27 March 2007

The Crocodile was surprisingly full last night when you consider that Lilly Allen was playing a sold out Showbox and Badly Drawn Boy was up at Neumo’s all on the same Monday night. The room was full of many long time fans in attendance last night, which seemed to generate a genuine sense of anticipation and excitement. I was excited, but not a long time fan, in fact you could call me a recent convert. Lerche’s new album, Phantom Punch is what converted me. It is somewhat of a departure from his previous efforts,a striped down record, with no strings or stand up base, it’s strictly guitars, bass and drums. Oh, and it rocks.

The band came out while the drummer did a bit of a solo and immediately dove in to Airport Taxi Reception and then right into the Tape without a breath. I was curious to see how he would treat his older songs, especially those from the jazzy Duper Sessions record, and I found out with The Curse of Being Loved, which he just called the Curse. It was another full on rocker. In fact he treated most of the older stuff as long lost power pop jems, that made me these ears appreciate them more. Many of the songs seemed to take on a life of their own, with the band pulling out a long jam on song after song. I think Two Way Monologues went on for 10 minutes. It never got boring though, the band looked like they were having a great time, with big smiles all around and their enthusiasm was infectious.

Sondre defies his age and is a pure showman, from his stage banter, to his expert playing. He did one cover, the first Prefab Sprout single Lions in My Own Garden (Exit Someone), and then ecouraged everyone to go out and discover the beauty of the Sprout. I wanted to yell out “Paddy McAloon” in a thick Scottish brough, but I had only had one beer at this point and so whimped out.

For the encore he came back out and dueted with the crowd on Modern Nature, gave a long humorous plug for his fashion boutique (t-shirts for sale), rocked it for another couple songs and sent us out into a rainey Tuesday morning wanting more.

Snutur has more photo’s from last night’s show at her flickr page.


  1. bill p · March 30, 2007

    On his blog, Sondre said he’d discovered Orange Juice before writing this album and this was heavily influenced by Edwyn Collins, etc.

  2. Toby · April 2, 2007

    Yeah, I can hear that. I think I read somewhere that opening for Elvis Costello was also an influence. I can hear a bit of Aztec Camera in there as well.

  3. Steve · November 9, 2007

    Wish he was coming back to the uk some time soon… When I saw him it was JUST him and he did great.

  4. Toby · November 9, 2007

    He actually played in Seattle last night solo. I missed him though…went to see Emma Pollock instead. Wish I could have been two places at once!

  5. Alarming Darling · November 27, 2007

    It’s not 2008 yet. This blog post is a bit off ;)
    Great review!!

  6. Toby · November 27, 2007

    fixed! though i think this blog may still be a bit off.

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