Rough Bunnies and Fine Arts

Fine Arts ShowcaseThe Fine Arts Showcase put out one of my favorite records last year, so it stands to reason that I was giddy at seeing a new album from him (Gustav Kjellvander) is slated to hit the streets in May.  It will be released on Adrian recordings in Sweden which will be available via Parasol here in the USofA.  It’s gonna be called Sings the Rough Bunnies, and instead of giving us 10 or 12 new songs, it will be 11 songs covers of Swedish band the Rough Bunnies.  When I read this, I thought who are the Rough Bunnies and why is Gustav singing their songs?

Well, it turns out Gustav was renting a room to Frida, one of the Rough Bunnies and that’s how he was smitten.  Apparently the Rough Bunnies were nearly signed to Alan McGee‘s Poptones label, but not quite.  Their ramshackle sound reminds me of bits of Yummy Fur, the Bartlebees and Stereo Total.  They’re catchy and very DIY releasing their stuff on home made cd-r’s.  After listening to their free album Rough Bunnies Go Pirate, I can understand the attraction. 

Compare and Contrast…

Rough Bunnies – Dance With Your Shadow mp3

Fine Arts Showcase – Dance With Your Shadow mp3

You can down load the entire Rough Bunnies Go Pirate here

And you can go check out more Fine Arts Showcase including another Rough Bunnies cover at their myspace.

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