Brighton Rock

BrakesThe US will be experiencing a small Brighton, UK band invasion.  The Brakes coming over with their good buddies the Electric Soft Parade.  The Brakes are now known as BrakesBrakesBrakes in US, having fallen prey to that testy problem that so many UK bands have had where there’s already a band here using their name. London Suede, Chameleons UK, Mission UK, and Charlatans UK all come to mind.  Their second record Beatific Visions (US release is 8 May on Rough Trade) has been out in the UK since late last year.  It’s so good that it made my list of best records from last year.  The album was produced by Stuart Sikes, who did Cat Power’s The Greatest, in Memphis while the band was in the states last year for SXSW.  Main Brake, Eamon Hamilton, has permanently left British Sea Power making this band his primary focus and Beatific Visions has a more mature fleshed out feel than the debut Give Blood to show for it.  Hamilton is accompanied by brothers Alex and Tom White, moonlighting from their main band Electric Soft Parade. 

Electric Soft ParadeElectric Soft Parade have two albums with a third, No Need to Be Downhearted due to be released 24 April on Better Looking.  Downhearted is a bit more consistent than The American Adventure, reminding me a bit of their first album Holes in the Wall. The ESP sound hasn’t really changed, you still have the buzz saw sounding guitars, sleepy sounding vocals and prog-ish electronic sounds thrown in here and there.  Their Boo Radleys influences really show through here as well, with Misunderstanding sounding like a note for note cover of the Boo’s only UK hit Wake Up Boo!

Alex and Tom will likely be doing double duty on this tour, opening as Electric Soft Parade and then headlining as the Brakes.  I’m excited to catch their show at the nice and cozy Chop Suey here in Seattle. 

Electric Soft Parade – Cold World mp3

Electric Soft Parade – If That’s the Case, Then I Don’t Know mp3

The Brakes – Beatific Vision mp3

The dates I’ve seen so far for this double bill:
June 2, Portland, OR at Dante’s
June 4, Seattle, WA at Chop Suey

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