Back to School

 I Would go back to college in a heartbeat, well at least back to the idea of college.  With finals in two weeks, I don’t really pine for that feeling of dread.  It was a total blast being able to go back for a 3 hour shift on my college radio station U92!  Since I’m an alumni, they humored me by letting me play whatever I wanted.  I probably could have planned what I played a little better, but going on impulse, was a lot of fun.  Here’s the jumble of songs that were heard:

Hour 1 
Orange Juice – What Presence?
Jarvis Cocker – From Auschwitz to Ipswich
Pelle Carlberg – I Love you, you Imbecile
Gruf Rhys – Skylon
Afraid of Stairs – Let Me
Ride – Like a Daydream
Pastels – Truck Train Tractor
Rakes – Trouble
That Petrol Emotion – Genius Move
Richard Swift – Kisses for the Misses

Hour 2

Schwa – Saccharin Glue
Divine Comedy – The Pop Singer’s Fear of the Pollen Count
Jacques Dutronc – Les Cactus
Katerine – Le Train de 19h
DiMaggio – Nova Mars
Fine Arts Showcase – Danish Light
Moose – I Wanted to See You, To See if You Wanted Me
Boat – Remember the Romans
Lucksmiths – A Little Athletics
Euros Childs – Henry A Matilda Supermarket Super
Lucy Show – A Million Things
Ryan McPhun & the Ruby Suns – My 10 Years on Auto-Pilot
Julian Cope – Out of my Mind on Speed and Dope
The Jazz Butcher – The Devil is My Friend
Number One Cup – Stereo

Hour 3

Swervedriver – The Other Jesus
Long Blonds – Lust in the Movies
House of Love – Shine On
Monkey Swallows the Universe – Jimmy Down the Well
Wombats – My First Wedding
Stevie Wonder – You Haven’t Done Nothin’
Shortwave Set – Is It Any Wonder
Sibiria – Jug Minns Bara Nar Du Plagade Mig
Superfriendz – Karate Man
Sondre Lerche – Airport, Taxi, Reception
Magick Heads – Standing at the Edge
The Rifles – Peace and Quiet
Shout out Louds – the Comeback
The Triffids – The Seabirds
Darren Hanlen – Couch Surfing

One comment

  1. Rachel · April 24, 2008

    I randomly stumbled on your blog from a google search for U92. I grew up in Morgantown and am now also in Seattle, and U92 was the background music of high school (1996-2000) for me. A ton of my friends and aquaintances who went to WVU were or still are DJs there, too.
    Sorry, not trying to be creepy; I just get excited when I find other people in Seattle who have connections to Morgantown!

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