Ted Leo for Lunch

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists at the Triple Door, Seattle

Ted Leo at KEXP/Triple Door Show, Seattle
Photo from KEXP Live Flickr photo stream

I swear, we’ve got it so good in Seattle and we don’t even know it. Where else can you go down the street at lunch time and see a killer 45 minute show and then go back to the office (with your ears ringing, mind you)? Not many places, I’m betting. Usually these shows are only made available to the big KEXP donners, but for some reason I got invited. Could they be having trouble getting people to these afternoon shows? I got an invite to the Dean & Britta show last week as well, but couldn’t go because I was out of town.

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists could be the rockinest band that have ever set foot on stage at the Triple Door. It certainly felt weird sitting down for the entire thing. I kept feeling the need to get up and start pogoing, and it seeming like I was not the only one. I spied a lot of people rocking in their chairs. Every time I’ve seen Ted Leo, whether it was in Chisel, solo or with the Pharmacists, he totally plays with a conviction and energy that is contagious and this afternoon was no exception. It was a machine gun like effect of songs coming at us one after the other, with Leo saying that he was gonna play as many as he could within the 45 minute allotment. Bassist Dave Learner is the Pharmacists’ secret weapon giving the songs some space and adding a dubby sound that offsets the manic vocal and guitar of Leo. My favorites from the set were Where Have all the Rude Boys Gone from Hearts of Oak and dub-reggae influenced The Unwanted Things from his new record Living With the Living.

And it was over as quick as it began. I finished my sandwich, cleaned up my crumbs and headed back to the office.

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