Britt Daniel at the Crocodile

Britt Daniel at the Crocodile Cafe, Seattle | 7 May 2007
Britt Daniel at the Crocodile Cafe
The opportunity to see Spoon in a place the size of the Crocodile has long since passed.   They will be playing Sasquatch and then Capitol Hill Block Party later this summer.  So this Britt Danielsolo apperance was not to be missed if you are a Spoon fan.   The show was a benefit for Muscular Dystrophy Research and should have been sold out.  I was really surprised that the place wasn’t packed, and for such a good cause it should have been. 

Britt came out, thanked everyone for choosing this show over Velvet Revolver over at the Showbox, and kicked in to Advance Cassette from Series of Sneaks.  It was a the first of a handful of older songs he did last night, including another Sneaks classic, Metal Dektor to the backing of his old school boom box.  From Soft Effects he did I Could See the Dude (to the backing of audience hand claps) and Loss Leaders as a request from the hard core fans in the front row.  Covers were also on the set list last night with Britt doing excellent versions of Julian Cope’sUpwards at 45 degrees (from Jehovakill) and the La’sI am the Key.  The upcoming Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (did I type enough ga’s?) got some play last night too.  The new Spoon songs sounded so immediate and catchy that it gives me the impression that this record could be the big one for Spoon.  Don’t Make Me a Target, The Underdog, You Got Your Cherry Bomb, and Black Like Me all were amazing at least in this raw demo-like form.  I cannot wait to hear the full band renditions. 

Another highlight from last night was Anything You Want.  The song is another Spoon classic, especially at the end with the lines about waiting on the light on the corner by the Sound Exchange.  It’s the kind of line that makes you want to hit repeat again and again, and crowd ate it up with whoops and hollers.   Britt kept everything very low key, showing us a cool way to open a beer bottle with a water bottle (he said he got it from Mac McCaughan), and asking for requests, and getting  a request for pretty much every Spoon song. It felt like we got to hear a lot of older songs that you likely won’t hear at a Spoon show these days.  The night ended with a boom box version of Paper Tiger.Britt Daniel Set List from the Crocodile Show
It takes a mathematical mind to decipher Britt’s set list.


  1. Toby · May 8, 2007

    Forgot to mention, two new Spoon shows were just announced for Portland. They are benefits to support the Salvation Army and Sea Otter Conservation League of America.
    5/25 FR Portland, OR @ Doug Fir
    5/26 SA Portland, OR @ Doug Fir

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