Richard Hawley on the Bridge

Richard Hawley, who’s 2005 album Coles Corner made many of us swoon, will be releasing his next record on 20 August.  Hawley has has finally made a name for himself outside of his work as a session man for the likes of Pulp, Robbie Williams, and the LongpigsRichard Hawley. Though, he does still play guitar on other people’s records, like on the Jarvis Cocker record where he plays guitar on nearly every track.   His new and long awaited album is called Ladies Bridge (named after yet another Sheffield locale) and will be preceded by a single on 6 August. Like 2005’s Coles Corner, the record was produced by Hawley himself along with Colin Elliot.  You can read about the process of making the record over on his forum page where Mr. Hawley is a very regular poster.

According to the article in the new Mojo, Hawley says that he’s discovered tempo, with one track he describes as “super skiffle fast”.  He’s also got one song on which he duets with Sally Doherty.  I’m surprised that they ever got out of the studio, if it’s true that he had 40 plus songs going in to record.  He must work really fast or be a great self-editor.  Previous album, Coles Corner was a remarkable record. If you didn’t know any better you would have thought that somebody pulled the album down from a dusty shelf in your grandfather’s house and put it on one of those old phonograph players.  It felt like it was from another time, being a combination of OrbisonWalker, Webb, Sinatra, Martin and Como

I haven’t seen a track list for the new album but Hawley says that the first single will either be The Streets Are Ours or Valentine.  In the meantime Setanta is reissuing his debut mini album, which came out in 2001, with lots of bonus tracks.  They’ll be tacking on the b-sides from singles that have come out on the Setanta for Late Night Final and Lowedges.  The reissue hits mega malls on 21 May over in the UK.  I did find a track list for this one:

1. Going Home
2. Bang To Rights
3. Sunflower
4. Caravan
5. Naked In Pitsmoor
6. Time Has Made A Change
7. Happy Families

Bonus Tracks:
8. Caned
9. Cheap Spanish Whine
10. Sick Pay
11. Troublesome Waters
12. Aran Loop

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