You are a Magnet

Magnet Issue #75It seems like music magazines, like cd’s, are quickly becoming a thing of the past, or at least that’s the case if you believe everything you read on the interweb.  Magnet has been publishing for 14 years now and they have consistently put great features into their (quarterly?) magazine.  Past issues have had stories about the Minneapolis Scene of the mid-80’s, the Shoegazers of the early 90’s, and the Paisley Underground, to name a few.  All of these kinds of features require a bit more legwork than the typical interview with band/artist with new record to promote. 

The new issue has a great article on Brian Griffin, the photographer who did  the covers for the first four Echo and the Bunnymen albums.  I had no idea it was the same guy that shot all four covers.  Griffin gives the rundown and background about the different shoots and makes for a really insightful piece.  It’s funny, when the Bunnymen quit using Griffin to shoot their covers their records, the records themselves kinda went down hill as well.      

There is also a Henry Rollins interview about his work with the USO in Iraq that makes me remember why I liked Rollins in the first place.  The Andy Partridge interview will have you on the floor laughing when he talks about the shark he brought on tour to keep himself faithful.  And then there is the feature article that lists 75 records that are “lost classics” from the past 14 years.  The list is a veritable who’s who of forgotten 90’s bands, Swervedriver, Number One Cup, Brainiac, Seam, etc, etc.

You can just tell that this magazine is put together buy people that love music.  They seem to find new and interesting angles on covering a lot of the same artists that other mags are covering, and it really is amazing how they make the mag feel so vital and current in this new world where everyone gets their music news from the interweb.  Pick up an issue and see for yourself.

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