Bolts of Adam Franklin

Adam Franklin, hey don’t you know those things can kill ya?Having dropped the Toshak Highway moniker, former Swervedriver front man, Adam Franklin is getting ready to release his first record under his own name.  26 June is the day to start looking for it in your local record joint, it’s called Bolts of Melody and is out on Hi-Speed Soul.

In case you forgot, Swervdriver were criminally a overlooked/underappreciated band during their time in the latter half of the 90’s.  Their best record, Ejector Seat Reservation, never even got released in the US and was deleted soon after it was released in the UK by Creation.  And most their other ones are out of print.  After Ejector, Swervedriver signed to Geffen, recorded their next record, 99th Dream, only to never see its release on that label.  Zero Hour came to the rescue and finally put it out a year or so after its initial release date on Geffen.  All of that trauma must have been too much for the band,  they toured for 99th Dram, but disbanded soon thereafter.  Since then, Franklin has released a full length and a couple ep’s under Toshack Highway name.  Recently, he has also been working with Interpol drummer Sam Fogarino on a project called Setting Suns.  

The songs I’ve heard  from the new album are not a giant leap from Swervedriver or Toshak Highway.  There’s no Juggernaut Rides of course, but Franklin’s voice still sounds so sweet and soulful and rock and roll!  He’s also not afraid to still turn up the guitars and effects.  The songs seem  to have a psychedelic influence that is reminiscent of Swervdriver, with his voice sometime evoking the memory of Elliot Smith. 

mp3: Adam Franklin –  Shining Somewhere
mp3: Adam Franklin – Song of Solomon

buy: Adam Franklin – Bolts of Melody

And see live…
Monsieur Franklin plays the Crocodile in Seattle on Bastille Day (14 July for the non French).

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