Trouvé non Perdu

Felt is still an obsession but Serge Gainsbourg also is one.

Michael of Watoo x 2That quote from Michael of French pop group Watoo Watoo pretty much sums up the progression of his band.  Up to this point Watoo Watoo were a somewhat nondescript french indie pop band.  Their albums were pleasant, a bit low-fi with Pascale’s voice always too slight in the mix. Their records never really made an impression on me.  That is certainly not the case with their new record.  It’s got a nice warm sound with a jazzy feel reminicent of the afore mentioned Serge Gainsbourg, that has usurped the low-fi indie of the past.  The first single Perdu has been stuck on repeat in my head for last few weeks.  It’s two minutes of breezy, jazzy pop that is over all too soon.  Check it out, then go buy the record!

Perdu Single Covermp3: Watoo Watoo – Perdu
buy: Watoo Watoo – La Fuite

You can also download the first two Watoo Watoo albums at the band’s website.

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