Arthur & Yu (and Me)

Arthur and Yu in cameraI remember just a little while ago I was singing the praises of Hopkirk and Lee and pining for them to jump out of the jaws of oblivion and release a full album.  Well, it looks like that will never happen, but Arthur & Yu may be the next best thing.  Their album, In Camera just hit the streets today as the inaugural release of the Sub Pop spin-off label Hardly Art.  And if I were a betting man, I would put a little money on the fact that they have that Hopkirk and Lee ep in their collection. 

As you may or may not have heard Arthur and Yu are Seattleites Grant Olson and Sonya Wescott (formerly in Rogue Wave), and you may have heard them singing The Distance on the new Dntel record.  Their music has been compared to Harry Nilson and Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood records, and though I do hear that, I also hear some Moose (they even whistle in Flashing the Lobby Lights) and elements of Spiritualized (Lion’s Mouth could be directly related to 2000 bars) and then there are the obvious Velvet Underground, Mazzy Star, Mojave 3, and Brian Jonestown Massacre comparisons. Have I got your attention yet?  You’ll likely be able to name a handful of bands you hear as well. The fact is, these songs blend all of the above into something that is totally their own.  With the slight over modulation on the vocals and killer harmonies will have you reaching for the repeat button.  Even though most of it was recorded in at home, the sound is crisp and multilayered allowing you to discover new things on every listen.  It is such a precious record that I didn’t think anyone could make anymore. Really, it will charm your socks off!
Arthur & Yu will be playing a record release part at the Crocodile Cafe on Thursday as well as a handful of dates in the Northwest of next couple of weeks.

Jun 21   Live on KEXP@11AM   Seattle, WA
Jun 21   Crocodile Cafe           Seattle, WA
Jun 28   El Rey Theatre           Los Angeles, CA
Jun 29   Glass House              Pomona, CA
Jun 30   Slim’s                       San Francisco, CA
Jul 2      Nightlight Lounge       Bellingham, WA
Jul 6      Doug Fir Lounge         Portland, OR

mp3: Arthur & Yu – Come to View (Song for Neil Young)
mp3: Arthur & Yu – There Are Too Many Birds
buy: Arthur & Yu – In Camera

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